Sarah Mzae / Piki Piki Solutions Limited

sarah-mzae-venture-village-founderIntroduction:  Faith is complete trust or confidence in something or someone. In my case, my faith is founded in Jesus Christ and His word. It is with this perspective that I have defined my business’ goals and initiatives – Trust, Honesty, Fairness and Integrity.

In Piki Piki Solutions, it is our objective to make Jesus attractive to those we interact with. This should hopefully lead to intentional spiritual conversations as we live out our faith through this business. James 2:22 “you see, his faith and his actions worked together. His actions made his faith complete.”

Customers:  My customers are Motorcycle Taxi business owners. I have demonstrated my faith to them in that I have been true to my word and supplied the original and fairly priced products. They have therefore gained confidence in me, creating a loyal clientele base. They are in turn learning to be trustworthy; they faithfully pay for the products and services. Three years ago we lost 3 motorcycles in a break-in. One customer asked how we planned to recover them and I explained we had launched an insurance claim and were trusting God with the rest. He advised that a witchdoctor would surely help us recover the bikes. That was an opportunity to share my faith with this customer, which he thought was ridiculous. But much later he shared that he had actually seen God’s care and provision through our experience.

Vendors:  My vendors are Honda Motorcycle Kenya Ltd. At the beginning they were a little skeptical as they didn’t know what to expect from me. But later they came to learn that I hold on to my values of honesty and integrity; they know I will always pay upfront for what I order. This has created a relationship of trust and openness. At first they would promise to supply products but would take several days to deliver. They would lie or even not answer my phone calls, but by observing my faith in action, they have learned to be honest with me just like I am with them.

Employees:  I have 4 employees. One has been with us 3 years and the others were employed this year when we opened a second shop. This shows low staff turnover, an indication of employee satisfaction. I have consistently demonstrated trust and faithfulness with them by trusting them to be good stewards and to perform their duties without being micro-managed. They have reciprocated this by owning the job and being faithful; they work hard to see the success of this business. They have experienced me as a fair employer. I always pay them on time and give incentives for jobs well done or bonus during holidays. As a result of my behavior my employees have learned to treat customers fairly. By observing my faith, they have learned to trust God for new opportunities in the business, and to thank Him when we realize a sale. After the break-in 3 years ago, the first thing I did was to pray and ask that the Lord would give us wisdom and protect our hearts from being bitter. Three years later, the employee still quotes that experience and highlights the need to trust God in both happy and hard times.

Community:  Being founded on faith-based principles, we have contributed to the development and invested in the needs of the community around us. This has enhanced our relationship with those around us. We have also partnered with the community in safety awareness campaigns with the intention of reducing the number of deaths caused by motorcycle accidents.


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