Prisca Muyodi / Educor Kenya Limited

prisca-muyodi-venture-village-founderMy name is Prisca Muyodi, founder and Director of an Early Childhood Education organisation in Nairobi, Kenya. I have been involved in business since the age of 5 and I find that entrepreneurship frees my spirit to serve God and humanity. In my life and business ventures, I am guided by a divine purpose to leave a legacy within my areas of influence.

My global work experience and exposure combined with my local upbringing have equipped me to create a unique Early Childhood Education enterprise in Kenya, under the Educor umbrella. Our mission is to “provide high quality early childhood education services in our region and beyond”. From our single location in 2010, we have grown to four centres in Nairobi and plan on rolling out more. We operate a unique model that incorporates Day-Care services and Nursery school in one location. Some key features of our service include: early enrollment option at 6 months of age, flexible attendance schedules and well equipped centres with well trained and supported teachers, and a corporate package. As we scale to multiple locations, we are able to bring quality education closer to our customers.

Success within my industry goes beyond operating sustainable learning centres. It is about laying the best foundation for our future leaders, innovators, citizens… As a notable scholar (Maria Montessori) once said ‘The child is both a hope and a promise to mankind’. What better way to contribute to fulfillment of this promise, than through educating future generations!

We invite you to join us in this very special undertaking.

Ms. Prisca


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