How Much Does It Cost?

We do not take a percentage of equity in your business as other launch accelerators do. We believe that your business should stay your business. Instead we make our money by taking monthly association fees, offering customized individually priced services, and receiving a small percentage of your gross revenue. This keeps your costs down, allows [...]

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Who Can Participate?

Anyone with a burning passion to create lasting social, economic, and spiritual transformation through business is welcome in our community. You don’t need a million bucks, or a wildly successful business launch under your belt, although that helps. What you do need is a business idea that is sustainable and scalable and directed towards a [...]

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Benefits of Venture Village

Strengths assessments—interpretation, counseling, and application of assessment results for the founder, his team and business plan. Mentoring—with seasoned entrepreneurs who have successfully launched multiple SME’s. Training—focused on lean strategies.  Offered as a 3-day intensive V2 Bootcamp, a 10 week V2 accelerator, or a V2 Weekend. Individual courses with your Mentor are also available Resources—extensive resource [...]

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