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Ray Barreth

Ray Barreth has over 30 years experience creating, directing, and leading new ventures in the United States and the United Kingdom. He has brought companies from product inception to funding and launch, two of which exceeded $100M in annual revenue. He is a strong proponent and mentor of Lean Startup strategies in the Kansas City Startup Village (one of his recent successes is a biomedical firm which obtained $365,000 in early stage funding). Ray is passionate about coaching extraordinary entrepreneurs to create legacies that go far beyond themselves. He spends his time catalyzing entrepreneurs and businesses across the globe to make a lasting difference.

Ralph Metzger

Ralph Metzger is a social entrepreneur with 25 years of experience building businesses in the developing world. From furniture manufacturing to vermiculture biotechnology, these ventures made a lasting impact on the lives they touched and their communities. Ralph loves the creative process and working with others to identify solutions and connect the dots as they seek to meet real human needs through sustainable enterprise. In recent years he has used his experience and MBA to coach and train social entrepreneurs in various countries. Ralph is passionate about helping others use the Lean Startup method to design their business models for success on multiple bottom lines.

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